Java 1.5 or higher plugin required.

In this page, you can test all the applet parameters !

Caution: The upload will work only if a valid postURL parameter is given. By default, postURL points to
That also can be a Tomcat server, where the site webapp of jupload is deployed.

Since Java 1.7u51, to use the applet, you'll need to install our root certificate. Before the applet was auto-signed.
But now, you'll have to install this certificate (updated on 26 January 2014) as a certificate authority. Your browser will install it.
For details, please read these explanation: this page.

See the parameters list, in the HowTo customize it page, for all details on the applet parameters.

To add files to the applet, you can either drop files on it or browse to find them. Then you can upload files by:

  • Clicking on the upload button, on the applet,
  • Using the FilesTogetherUploadPolicy: upload will start as soon as you dropped file(s) onto it,
  • Using this javascript link, thanks to huotte.