Uses of Interface

Packages that use JUploadContext
wjhk.jupload2 The applet itself. 
wjhk.jupload2.policies This package contains the upload policies: they give you hook entry points, to override the default applet behaviour with a minimum of java code. 

Uses of JUploadContext in wjhk.jupload2

Fields in wjhk.jupload2 declared as JUploadContext
(package private)  JUploadContext JUploadDaemon.juploadContext
          The current execution context.
(package private)  JUploadContext JUploadApplet.juploadContext
          The current execution context.

Uses of JUploadContext in wjhk.jupload2.context

Classes in wjhk.jupload2.context that implement JUploadContext
 class DefaultJUploadContext
          The Jupload Context.
 class JUploadContextApplet
          Implementation of the Jupload Context, for an applet.
 class JUploadContextExecutable
          Implementation of the JUploadContext, for an executable, that is: for a stand alone application.

Uses of JUploadContext in wjhk.jupload2.policies

Fields in wjhk.jupload2.policies declared as JUploadContext
private  JUploadContext DefaultUploadPolicy.juploadContext
          juploadContext contains the reference of the Applet.

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.policies that return JUploadContext
 JUploadContext UploadPolicy.getContext()
          A useful function, that has nothing to do with an upload policy.
 JUploadContext DefaultUploadPolicy.getContext()

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.policies with parameters of type JUploadContext
static UploadPolicy UploadPolicyFactory.getUploadPolicy(JUploadContext theAppletContext)
          Returns an upload Policy for the given applet and URL.

Constructors in wjhk.jupload2.policies with parameters of type JUploadContext
CoppermineUploadPolicy(JUploadContext juploadContext)
CustomizedNbFilesPerRequestUploadPolicy(JUploadContext theContext)
DefaultUploadPolicy(JUploadContext juploadContext)
          The main constructor : use default values, and the given postURL.
FileByFileUploadPolicy(JUploadContext juploadContext)
FilesTogetherUploadPolicy(JUploadContext juploadContext)
          The JUpload constructor for this upload policy.
PictureUploadPolicy(JUploadContext juploadContext)
          The standard constructor, which transmit most informations to the super.Constructor().