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Packages that use JUploadException
wjhk.jupload2.exception Some application specific exceptions. 
wjhk.jupload2.filedata This package allows you to change the file relative behaviour: this page describes how to override the default behaviour, to fullfill your needs (for instance add data compression, preload check, new data about files in the upload to the server.. 
wjhk.jupload2.policies This package contains the upload policies: they give you hook entry points, to override the default applet behaviour with a minimum of java code. 
wjhk.jupload2.upload This package contains the code that actually executes the upload (see below for a full description of the way the upload is executed in the JUpload code). 

Uses of JUploadException in wjhk.jupload2.exception

Subclasses of JUploadException in wjhk.jupload2.exception
 class JUploadExceptionStopAddingFiles
          This exception is a trick, to stop adding files to the file list, when too many files don't match the allowed extension (see wjhk.jupload2.gui.FilePanelDataModel2#addFile(File, File)), or any other control of the current upload policy (see UploadPolicy.createFileData(File, File).
 class JUploadExceptionTooBigFile
          This exception indicates, that the file that is to be uploaded is too big.
 class JUploadExceptionUploadFailed
          This exception occurs when an upload failed.
 class JUploadIOException
          This class should be used for all implementations of FileData or UploadPolicy that want to throw an IO exception, and need to be conform with the interface definition.

Uses of JUploadException in wjhk.jupload2.filedata

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.filedata that throw JUploadException
 void PictureFileData.beforeUpload()
          If this pictures needs transformation, a temporary file is created.
 void FileData.beforeUpload()
          Prepare the fileData to upload.
 void DefaultFileData.beforeUpload()
          Prepare the fileData to upload.
(package private)  void PictureFileData.createTranformedPictureFile(wjhk.jupload2.filedata.helper.ImageHelper imageHelper)
          Creates a transformed picture file of the given max width and max height.
 Image PictureFileData.getImage(Canvas canvas, boolean shadow)
          This method creates a new Image, from the current picture.
 InputStream PictureFileData.getInputStream()
          This function create an input stream for this file.
 InputStream FileData.getInputStream()
          This function creates an InputStream from this file.
 InputStream DefaultFileData.getInputStream()
          This function creates an InputStream from this file.

Uses of JUploadException in wjhk.jupload2.policies

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.policies that return JUploadException
 JUploadException UploadPolicy.getLastException()
          Indicates that an error occurs.
 JUploadException DefaultUploadPolicy.getLastException()

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.policies with parameters of type JUploadException
 void DefaultUploadPolicy.setLastException(JUploadException exception)
          Set the last exception.

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.policies that throw JUploadException
 void UploadPolicy.afterUpload(Exception e, String serverOutput)
          This method is called after an upload, whether it is successful or not.
 void DefaultUploadPolicy.afterUpload(Exception e, String serverOutput)
 void CoppermineUploadPolicy.afterUpload(Exception e, String serverOutput)
 boolean UploadPolicy.checkUploadSuccess(int status, String msg, String body)
          This method returns true, if upload is a success.
 boolean DefaultUploadPolicy.checkUploadSuccess(int status, String msg, String body)
          The default behavior (see DefaultUploadPolicy) is to check that the stringUploadSuccess applet parameter is present in the response from the server.
protected  String DefaultUploadPolicy.getEncodedFilename(String filename)
          returns the filename and encodes it, if necessary
 String UploadPolicy.getUploadFilename(FileData fileData, int index)
          Get the original name of the file on the disk.
 String PictureUploadPolicy.getUploadFilename(FileData fileData, int index)
 String DefaultUploadPolicy.getUploadFilename(FileData fileData, int index)
 String UploadPolicy.getUploadName(FileData fileData, int index)
          Get an upload filename, that is to be send in the HTTP upload request.
 String DefaultUploadPolicy.getUploadName(FileData fileData, int index)
protected  void DefaultUploadPolicy.setAfterUploadURL(String afterUploadURL)
          Set the DefaultUploadPolicy.afterUploadURL
(package private)  void PictureUploadPolicy.setKeepOrigExtension(boolean keepOrigExtension)
protected  void DefaultUploadPolicy.setNbFilesPerRequest(int nbFilesPerRequest)
 void UploadPolicy.setPostURL(String postURL)
          The URL can change during the life of our policy ...
 void DefaultUploadPolicy.setPostURL(String postURL)
 void UploadPolicy.setProperty(String prop, String value)
          This allow runtime modifications of properties.
 void PictureUploadPolicy.setProperty(String prop, String value)
          This method manages the applet parameters that are specific to this class.
 void DefaultUploadPolicy.setProperty(String prop, String value)
          This method manages all applet parameters.
 void CoppermineUploadPolicy.setProperty(String prop, String value)
          This method only handles the albumId parameter, which is the only applet parameter that is specific to this class.
protected  void DefaultUploadPolicy.setSslVerifyCert(String mode)
protected  void DefaultUploadPolicy.setStringUploadError(String stringUploadError)
protected  void DefaultUploadPolicy.setStringUploadSuccess(String stringUploadSuccess)
protected  void DefaultUploadPolicy.setStringUploadWarning(String stringUploadWarning)
(package private)  void PictureUploadPolicy.setTargetPictureFormat(String targetPictureFormat)
          we expect e.g.
 void UploadPolicy.setUrlToSendErrorTo(String urlToSendErrorTo)
 void DefaultUploadPolicy.setUrlToSendErrorTo(String urlToSendErrorTo)

Constructors in wjhk.jupload2.policies that throw JUploadException
CoppermineUploadPolicy(wjhk.jupload2.context.JUploadContext juploadContext)
CustomizedNbFilesPerRequestUploadPolicy(wjhk.jupload2.context.JUploadContext theContext)
DefaultUploadPolicy(wjhk.jupload2.context.JUploadContext juploadContext)
          The main constructor : use default values, and the given postURL.
FileByFileUploadPolicy(wjhk.jupload2.context.JUploadContext juploadContext)
FilesTogetherUploadPolicy(wjhk.jupload2.context.JUploadContext juploadContext)
          The JUpload constructor for this upload policy.
PictureUploadPolicy(wjhk.jupload2.context.JUploadContext juploadContext)
          The standard constructor, which transmit most informations to the super.Constructor().

Uses of JUploadException in wjhk.jupload2.upload

Fields in wjhk.jupload2.upload declared as JUploadException
(package private)  JUploadException FileUploadManagerThreadImpl.uploadException
          Thread Exception, if any occurred during upload.

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.upload that return JUploadException
 JUploadException FileUploadManagerThreadImpl.getUploadException()
 JUploadException FileUploadManagerThread.getUploadException()
          Get the last upload exception that occurs.

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.upload with parameters of type JUploadException
 void FileUploadManagerThreadImpl.setUploadException(JUploadException uploadException)
 void FileUploadManagerThread.setUploadException(JUploadException uploadException)
          Stores the last upload exception that occurs.

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.upload that throw JUploadException
(package private) abstract  void DefaultFileUploadThread.afterFile(UploadFileData uploadFileData)
          Idem as DefaultFileUploadThread.beforeFile(UploadFilePacket, UploadFileData), but is called after each file (and each chunks for each file).
 void FileUploadManagerThreadImpl.anotherFileHasBeenSent(UploadFilePacket uploadFilePacket, UploadFileData newlyUploadedFileData)
 void FileUploadManagerThread.anotherFileHasBeenSent(UploadFilePacket uploadFilePacket, UploadFileData newlyUploadedFileData)
          This method is called each time a new file is sent to the server.
(package private)  void FileUploadThreadHTTP.beforeFile(UploadFilePacket uploadFilePacket, UploadFileData uploadFileData)
(package private)  void FileUploadThreadFTP.beforeFile(UploadFilePacket uploadFilePacket, UploadFileData uploadFileData)
(package private) abstract  void DefaultFileUploadThread.beforeFile(UploadFilePacket uploadFilePacket, UploadFileData uploadFileData)
          This method is called before sending the bytes corresponding to the file whose index is given in argument.
(package private)  void FileUploadThreadHTTP.beforeRequest(UploadFilePacket packet)
(package private)  void FileUploadThreadFTP.beforeRequest(UploadFilePacket packet)
(package private) abstract  void DefaultFileUploadThread.beforeRequest(UploadFilePacket packet)
          This method is called before starting of each request.
 void UploadFileData.beforeUpload()
          Prepare the fileData to upload.
(package private)  void FileUploadThreadHTTP.cleanAll()
(package private) abstract  void DefaultFileUploadThread.cleanAll()
          Clean any used resource, like a 'permanent' connection.
(package private)  void FileUploadThreadHTTP.cleanRequest()
(package private)  void FileUploadThreadFTP.cleanRequest()
(package private) abstract  void DefaultFileUploadThread.cleanRequest()
          Clean any used resource of the last executed request.
 void FileUploadManagerThreadImpl.currentRequestIsFinished(UploadFilePacket packet)
 void FileUploadManagerThread.currentRequestIsFinished(UploadFilePacket packet)
          This method is called when the server response for the upload indicates a success.
(package private)  int FileUploadThreadHTTP.finishRequest()
(package private)  int FileUploadThreadFTP.finishRequest()
(package private) abstract  int DefaultFileUploadThread.finishRequest()
          This method is called at the end of each request.
 InputStream UploadFileData.getInputStream()
          This function creates an InputStream from this file.
(package private)  String UploadFileData.getMD5()
          Retrieves the MD5 sum of the file.
(package private)  OutputStream FileUploadThreadHTTP.getOutputStream()
(package private) abstract  OutputStream DefaultFileUploadThread.getOutputStream()
          Get the output stream where the files should be written for upload.
 String UploadFileData.getUploadFilename(int index)
          Retrieves the file name, that should be used in the server application.
 String UploadFileData.getUploadName(int index)
          Retrieves the upload file name, that should be sent to the server.
 void FileUploadManagerThreadImpl.nbBytesUploaded(long nbBytes, UploadFileData uploadFileData)
          The progressBar is updated each 50ms and each 10% of the target file.
 void FileUploadManagerThread.nbBytesUploaded(long nbBytes, UploadFileData uploadFileData)
          Used by the UploadFileData#uploadFile(, long) for each uploaded buffer
 void FileUploadThread.setFileUploadThreadManager(FileUploadManagerThread fileUploadManagerThread)
          Changes the FileUploadManagerThread.
 void DefaultFileUploadThread.setFileUploadThreadManager(FileUploadManagerThread fileUploadManagerThread)
          Changes the FileUploadManagerThread.
 void FileUploadManagerThreadImpl.setUploadStatus(UploadFilePacket uploadFilePacket, UploadFileData uploadFileData, int uploadStatus)
 void FileUploadManagerThread.setUploadStatus(UploadFilePacket uploadFilePacket, UploadFileData uploadFileData, int uploadStatus)
          Indicate the current state of the upload, to allow a correct display of UPLOAD_STATUS_UPLOADED status. the upload progress bar.
(package private)  void FileUploadThreadHTTP.startRequest(long contentLength, boolean bChunkEnabled, int chunkPart, boolean bLastChunk)
(package private) abstract  void DefaultFileUploadThread.startRequest(long contentLength, boolean bChunkEnabled, int chunkPart, boolean bLastChunk)
          This method is called for each upload request to the server.
(package private)  void UploadFileData.uploadFile(OutputStream outputStream, long amount)
          This methods writes the file data (see FileData.getInputStream() to the given outputStream (the output toward the HTTP server).

Constructors in wjhk.jupload2.upload that throw JUploadException
FileUploadManagerThreadImpl(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Standard constructor of the class.
FileUploadManagerThreadImpl(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, FileUploadThread fileUploadThreadParam)
          Internal constructor.
FileUploadThreadFTP(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, BlockingQueue<UploadFilePacket> packetQueue, FileUploadManagerThread fileUploadManagerThread)
          Creates a new instance.