Class AudioFileData

  extended by wjhk.jupload2.filedata.DefaultFileData
      extended by wjhk.jupload2.filedata.AudioFileData
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AudioFileData
extends DefaultFileData

This class contains all data for files to upload an audio file. It adds the following elements to the FileData class :

The audio functionalities are taken from the entagged sourceforge project. The entagged-audioformats.jar is used to generate the sound, within the applet. To keep the applet jar file small, the entagged jar file is not embedded into the jupload jar. It is loaded independantly.

To be completed

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class wjhk.jupload2.filedata.DefaultFileData
mimeType, preparedForUpload, uploadPolicy
Constructor Summary
AudioFileData(File file, File root, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Creates a new instance.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class wjhk.jupload2.filedata.DefaultFileData
afterUpload, appendFileProperties, beforeUpload, canRead, getDirectory, getExtension, getFile, getFileExtension, getFileLength, getFileName, getInputStream, getLastModified, getMimeType, getRelativeDir, getRoot, getUploadLength, isPreparedForUpload
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Constructor Detail


public AudioFileData(File file,
                     File root,
                     UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
Creates a new instance.

file - The files which data are to be handled by this instance.
root - The root directory, to calculate the relative dir (see DefaultFileData.getRelativeDir().
uploadPolicy - The current upload policy