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Packages that use HTTPConnectionHelper
wjhk.jupload2.upload This package contains the code that actually executes the upload (see below for a full description of the way the upload is executed in the JUpload code). 

Uses of HTTPConnectionHelper in wjhk.jupload2.upload

Fields in wjhk.jupload2.upload declared as HTTPConnectionHelper
private  HTTPConnectionHelper FileUploadThreadHTTP.connectionHelper
          The current connection helper.

Uses of HTTPConnectionHelper in wjhk.jupload2.upload.helper

Fields in wjhk.jupload2.upload.helper declared as HTTPConnectionHelper
private  HTTPConnectionHelper HTTPInputStreamReader.httpConnectionHelper

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.upload.helper that return HTTPConnectionHelper
 HTTPConnectionHelper HTTPConnectionHelper.append(byte[] bytes)
          Append bytes to the current query.
 HTTPConnectionHelper HTTPConnectionHelper.append(byte[] bytes, int off, int len)
          Append bytes to the current query.
 HTTPConnectionHelper HTTPConnectionHelper.append(ByteArrayEncoder bae)
          Appends a string to the current HTTP request.
 HTTPConnectionHelper HTTPConnectionHelper.append(int b)
          Append bytes to the current query.
 HTTPConnectionHelper HTTPConnectionHelper.append(java.lang.String str)
          write a string to the current HTTP request.

Constructors in wjhk.jupload2.upload.helper with parameters of type HTTPConnectionHelper
HTTPInputStreamReader(HTTPConnectionHelper httpConnectionHelper, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          The standard constructor: does nothing !