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wjhk.jupload2.policies This package contains the upload policies: they give you hook entry points, to override the default applet behaviour with a minimum of java code. 

Uses of DefaultUploadPolicy in wjhk.jupload2.policies

Subclasses of DefaultUploadPolicy in wjhk.jupload2.policies
 class CoppermineUploadPolicy
          Specific UploadPolicy for the coppermine picture gallery.
 class CustomizedNbFilesPerRequestUploadPolicy
          Deprecated. This class is of no use, as it actually behaves exactly as the DefaultUploadPolicy.
 class FileByFileUploadPolicy
          Deprecated. You can use the applet, without the uploadPolicy applet parameter, and put the nbFilesPerRequest to 1. It does the same...
 class FilesTogetherUploadPolicy
          Upload policy that is a simple box.
 class PictureUploadPolicy
          This class add handling of pictures to upload.