Package wjhk.jupload2.upload

Implementations of the various protocol-specific tasks.


Interface Summary
FileUploadThread This interface defines the methods of the various FileUploadThread classes.

Class Summary
DefaultFileUploadThread This class is based on the FileUploadThread class.
FileUploadManagerThread This class is responsible for managing the upload.
FileUploadThreadFTP The FileUploadThreadFTP class is intended to extend the functionality of the JUpload applet and allow it to handle ftp:// addresses.
FileUploadThreadHTTP This class implements the file upload via HTTP POST request.
UploadFileData This class implements the FileData interface, and is responsible to do the actual upload of the files.

Package wjhk.jupload2.upload Description

Implementations of the various protocol-specific tasks. This package provides implementations of FTP- and HTTP specific tasks for performing the actual upload. Furthermore, it provides a universal class for connecting to HTTP and HTTPS using a proxy.