Uses of Interface

Packages that use FileData
wjhk.jupload2.filedata This package allows you to change the file relative behaviour: this page describes how to override the default behaviour, to fullfill your needs (for instance add data compression, preload check, new data about files in the upload to the server.. 
wjhk.jupload2.policies This package contains the upload policies: they give you hook entry points, to override the default applet behaviour with a minimum of java code. 
wjhk.jupload2.upload Implementations of the various protocol-specific tasks. 

Uses of FileData in wjhk.jupload2.filedata

Classes in wjhk.jupload2.filedata that implement FileData
 class AudioFileData
          This class contains all data for files to upload an audio file.
 class DefaultFileData
          This class contains all data and methods for a file to upload.
 class PictureFileData
          This class contains all data about files to upload as a picture.

Uses of FileData in wjhk.jupload2.policies

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.policies that return FileData
 FileData UploadPolicy.createFileData(File file, File root)
          This methods creates a new FileData instance (or one of its inherited classes), and return it to the caller.
 FileData PictureUploadPolicy.createFileData(File file, File root)
          This methods actually returns a PictureFileData instance.
 FileData DefaultUploadPolicy.createFileData(File file, File root)
          The DefaultUpload accepts all file types: we just return an instance of FileData, without any test.

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.policies with parameters of type FileData
 String UploadPolicy.getUploadFilename(FileData fileData, int index)
          Get the original name of the file on the disk.
 String PictureUploadPolicy.getUploadFilename(FileData fileData, int index)
 String DefaultUploadPolicy.getUploadFilename(FileData fileData, int index)
 String UploadPolicy.getUploadName(FileData fileData, int index)
          Get an upload filename, that is to be send in the HTTP upload request.
 String DefaultUploadPolicy.getUploadName(FileData fileData, int index)
 void UploadPolicy.onFileDoubleClicked(FileData fileData)
          Reaction when the user double click on a file, in the file list.
 void PictureUploadPolicy.onFileDoubleClicked(FileData pictureFileData)
          Open the 'big' preview dialog box.
 void DefaultUploadPolicy.onFileDoubleClicked(FileData fileData)
          Default implementation of the UploadPolicy.onFileDoubleClicked(FileData) .
 void UploadPolicy.onFileSelected(FileData fileData)
          This method is called each time a file is selected in the panel files.
 void PictureUploadPolicy.onFileSelected(FileData fileData)
 void DefaultUploadPolicy.onFileSelected(FileData fileData)
          Default implementation of the UploadPolicy.onFileSelected(wjhk.jupload2.filedata.FileData) .
 void CoppermineUploadPolicy.onFileSelected(FileData fileData)

Uses of FileData in wjhk.jupload2.upload

Classes in wjhk.jupload2.upload that implement FileData
 class UploadFileData
          This class implements the FileData interface, and is responsible to do the actual upload of the files.

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.upload with parameters of type FileData
 void FileUploadManagerThread.anotherFileHasBeenSent(FileData newlyUploadedFileData)
          This method is called each time a new file is sent to the server.

Constructors in wjhk.jupload2.upload with parameters of type FileData
UploadFileData(FileData fileDataParam, FileUploadManagerThread fileUploadThreadParam, UploadPolicy uploadPolicyParam)
          Standard constructor for the UploadFileData class.