Uses of Interface

Packages that use UploadPolicy
wjhk.jupload2.exception Some application specific exceptions. 
wjhk.jupload2.filedata This package allows you to change the file relative behaviour: this page describes how to override the default behaviour, to fullfill your needs (for instance add data compression, preload check, new data about files in the upload to the server.. 
wjhk.jupload2.gui Implementation of caching and special algorithms for various file types. 
wjhk.jupload2.policies This package contains the upload policies: they give you hook entry points, to override the default applet behaviour with a minimum of java code. 
wjhk.jupload2.upload Implementations of the various protocol-specific tasks. 

Uses of UploadPolicy in wjhk.jupload2.exception

Constructors in wjhk.jupload2.exception with parameters of type UploadPolicy
JUploadExceptionTooBigFile(String filename, long uploadLength, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Creates a new instance.
JUploadInterrupted(String detectedInMethod, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          The standard constructor for this class.

Uses of UploadPolicy in wjhk.jupload2.filedata

Fields in wjhk.jupload2.filedata declared as UploadPolicy
(package private)  UploadPolicy DefaultFileData.uploadPolicy
          The current upload policy.

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.filedata with parameters of type UploadPolicy
static void PictureFileData.freeMemory(String caller, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Free any available memory.

Constructors in wjhk.jupload2.filedata with parameters of type UploadPolicy
AudioFileData(File file, File root, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Creates a new instance.
DefaultFileData(File file, File root, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Standard constructor

Uses of UploadPolicy in wjhk.jupload2.gui

Fields in wjhk.jupload2.gui declared as UploadPolicy
(package private)  UploadPolicy IconWorker.uploadPolicy
          The current upload policy
(package private)  UploadPolicy JUploadTransferHandler.uploadPolicy
          The current upload policy.
(package private)  UploadPolicy JUploadTextArea.uploadPolicy
          The current upload policy
(package private)  UploadPolicy JUploadFileView.uploadPolicy
          The current upload policy.
(package private)  UploadPolicy JUploadFileFilter.uploadPolicy
(package private)  UploadPolicy DebugDialog.uploadPolicy
          The current upload policy.

Constructors in wjhk.jupload2.gui with parameters of type UploadPolicy
DebugDialog(Frame owner, String text, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Creates a new instance.
DnDListener(JUploadPanel uploadPanel, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Creates a new instance.
IconWorker(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, JFileChooser fileChooser, JUploadFileView fileView, File file)
          The constructor only stores the file.
JUploadDebugPopupMenu(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
JUploadFileChooser(UploadPolicy uploadPolicyParam)
          The 'standard' constructor for our file chooser
JUploadFileFilter(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
JUploadFileView(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, JFileChooser fileChooser)
          Creates a new instance.
JUploadMainPopupMenu(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, JUploadPanel uploadPanel)
JUploadPanel(JUploadTextArea logWindow, UploadPolicy uploadPolicyParam)
          Standard constructor.
JUploadTextArea(int rows, int columns, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Constructs a new empty TextArea with the specified number of rows and columns.
JUploadTransferHandler(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, JUploadPanel uploadPanel)
          The standard constructor.

Uses of UploadPolicy in wjhk.jupload2.policies

Classes in wjhk.jupload2.policies that implement UploadPolicy
 class CoppermineUploadPolicy
          Specific UploadPolicy for the coppermine picture gallery.
 class CustomizedNbFilesPerRequestUploadPolicy
          Deprecated. This class is of no use, as it actually behaves exactly as the DefaultUploadPolicy.
 class DefaultUploadPolicy
          This class implements all UploadPolicy methods.
 class FileByFileUploadPolicy
          Deprecated. You can use the applet, without the uploadPolicy applet parameter, and put the nbFilesPerRequest to 1. It does the same...
 class FilesTogetherUploadPolicy
          Upload policy that is a simple box.
 class PictureUploadPolicy
          This class add handling of pictures to upload.

Methods in wjhk.jupload2.policies that return UploadPolicy
static UploadPolicy UploadPolicyFactory.getUploadPolicy(wjhk.jupload2.context.JUploadContext theAppletContext)
          Returns an upload Policy for the given applet and URL.

Uses of UploadPolicy in wjhk.jupload2.upload

Fields in wjhk.jupload2.upload declared as UploadPolicy
(package private)  UploadPolicy FileUploadManagerThread.uploadPolicy
          The current upload policy.
protected  UploadPolicy DefaultFileUploadThread.uploadPolicy
          The upload policy contains all parameters needed to define the way files should be uploaded, including the URL.

Constructors in wjhk.jupload2.upload with parameters of type UploadPolicy
DefaultFileUploadThread(String threadName, UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, FileUploadManagerThread fileUploadManagerThread)
          Creates a new instance.
FileUploadManagerThread(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy)
          Standard constructor of the class.
FileUploadManagerThread(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, FileUploadThread fileUploadThreadParam)
          Internal constructor.
FileUploadThreadFTP(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, FileUploadManagerThread fileUploadManagerThread)
          Creates a new instance.
FileUploadThreadHTTP(UploadPolicy uploadPolicy, FileUploadManagerThread fileUploadManagerThread)
          Creates a new instance.
UploadFileData(FileData fileDataParam, FileUploadManagerThread fileUploadThreadParam, UploadPolicy uploadPolicyParam)
          Standard constructor for the UploadFileData class.